Rules & Regulations

SimXP Australia is a community of motor racing enthusiasts based in Sydney, Australia.
From its humble beginnings in 2015, SimXP has strived to accommodate a passionate community that delivers consistent and clean racing.

A large percentage of our community are avid motor racing enthusiasts and during downtime turn to SimXP to sharpen their skills and stay competitive. With this, we strive ourselves on creating the best simracing experience Australia has to offer.

Although SimXP does not have defined rules, we instead rely on some core values. As a group we pride ourselves on a challenging, clean and fun environment for all of our drivers. We do not condone vulgar material – this includes pornography, racism and slander or singling out a driver in bad taste.  Anything that is deemed to be inappropriate is a bannable offence – this action can be taken at any time and without notice.

These values keep SimXP a great place to race for people from all ages and backgrounds. If you have any questions at all please direct them to our Contact Us form.

  • The SimXP team