Womens Time Attack Challenge!


Today we are introducing the Womens Time Attack Challenge!

This event runs off the back of our regular Time Attack Challenge this year, and has been added as a bit of fun and our aim to be a bit more diverse and inclusive.

From the 15th of every month, your female friends or partners will be eligible to set a time on our time attack server. Since the time will be set using “your” account we have devised some rules.

– You MUST provide a short video clip of the lap being completed. It can be posted to the facebook group as a new post or to the event thread thread. This is to verify that the time has been set by the right person 🙂

– You MUST provide the stracker lap as a link and provide it with the comment/post. The laps can be found at live.simexperience.net under timeattack.

– Optional but preferred, display the time or a clock in your video so we can verify against the stracker data.

Get practicing!