Monthly Event – Time Attack Trophy 2018 – *CANCELLED* – See new Time Attack Trophy thread

Cars (when announced) and tracks can be downloaded here

Introducing the Time Attack Trophy 2018!

Each month there will be a Time Attack event held. Over 4 days, you will be able to jump on the server to set your fastest time! The tracks are known, but the cars won’t be announced until the event start.

On the start date, the event will start at 11pm (give or take, but after Wednesday Night Racing for that week is complete). A single, long session will run until 9pm on the Sunday. The fastest time is the winner! You can do runs whenever you like, and as many as you like, but the session will be configured to build up grip over the entire course, so the closer to Sunday you run, the more track grip you should have!

Rules and information:

For those that have run these type of Time Attack sessions (in my garage), you should know the drill. But for anybody else, here’s how we run these:
* The session is basically run as a “qualifying” session.
* For “point to point” tracks (hill climbs, touge, etc.), if there is another car on the server at the time, and they have just left the start, you must give them at least 20 seconds before you start your run.
* For “point to point” tracks, you MUST stop just before the start marker (some of these can be a little unclear, but will be clarified at the beginning of the event) – the one exception for this is the Nordschleife Tourist track where you get a flying start out of the pits.
* You MUST give way to faster drivers if they are approaching you REGARDLESS of whether you are on a flying run or not, if they are faster than you, they have right of way.

If you have any questions or suggestions for changes, please let me know!

Dates and tracks:
17-21 January: Monte Erice Sicily
14-18 February: Transfagarasan North DN7C Hill Climb
14-18 March: Tsukuba Circuit
18-22 April: Glasbach Rennen
16-20 May: Nordschleife – Tourist (Dream Pack 1 DLC Required)
13-17 June: Longford ’67
18-22 July: Myogi Downhill
15-19 August: Wakefield Park
12-16 September: Irohazaka Slope
17-21 October: Eastern Creek
14-18 November: Tsuchisaka Uphill
12-16 December: Solitude 1964

Dates are subject to change depending on availability of drivers/server/etc. Tracks are subject to change if something better/cooler comes along (particularly if there’s a proper release of Pikes Peak),

EDIT: Addendum; I will run a dual class system for this. That is to say, there will be two classes, Class A and Class B. Everybody is free to drive in either or both whenever they like, but at least one car will be available to people who only have “paddle shift” or “H-pattern” gears.

Server name is “SimXP – Time Attack Trophy” password is xyz789









Cars can be downloaded here


Current standings with about 32 hours to go! Get at it boys!


Downloads here:

Server up until 9pm Sunday. Go!



Time Attack Trophy 2018 – The Reboot

The Time Attack Trophy is being rebooted into a weekly event instead of monthly.

Each “Round” will last for 4 weeks with 3 Circuit Time Attack events and 1 ‘Point-to-point’ event. and will be driven in 3 classes with 1 car from each – Class A (Modern 2000 onwards), Class B (Intermediate 1980-1999) and Class C (Classic pre-1980).

It is completely up to the driver which classes they do/don’t want to drive in. There are no restrictions on setup. Each week’s event will start after the regular Wednesday night race and run until 9pm Sunday. It will be run as rolling 8 hour sessions and each session will have random weather and track grip starting from 95-97%.

I have decided the cars and tracks for the first Round but each subsequent round’s cars and tracks will be up for nomination.

As an added bonus, the person that gets the most points across all three classes each week will choose the track for the same week in the next round (ie. most points across all classes in Week 1 chooses the track for Week 1 of the following round). Any tie breaker will be given to the driver that was best in Class A out of those tied.




Round 2
Class A Car: Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS ’15
Class B Car: McLaren F1 GTR ’95
Class C Car: Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR

Week 1 – 21/3-25/3: Laguna Seca – Vito’s Choice
Week 2 – 4/4-8/4: Lime Rock Park Raceway – Vito’s Choice
Week 3 – 11/4-15/4: Charade (8km Layout) – AJ’s Choice
Week 4 – 25/4-29/4: TBD – AJ’s Choice


Latest Standings

Round 1 Results

Round 2 Results

SimXP Tuesday Night Racing – Season 1 – Formula Easter Cup

Welcome to Tuesday Night Racing!

Season 1 will be the Formula Easter Cup.

The featured car is the 1981 TARK Estonia 21-1600. It is a 456kg open wheeler powered by a 1600cc LADA engine pushing 148hp through a 5-speed gearbox. The design was based on the Lotus 81.

This season will see 4 rounds of 3 races each with a target time for each race of around 20 minutes.

Round 1 will be 3x 20 lap races at Eastern Creek’s South Circuit on January 23.
Round 2 will be 3x 25 lap races at Highlands Short (Kunos track) on January 30.
Round 3 will be 3x 22 lap races at Red Bull Ring National (Red Pack DLC required) on February 6.
Round 4 will be 3x 18 lap races at Mainz-Finthen on February 13.

There will be no qualifying sessions with Race 1 of each round being a random grid. “Reverse” grid will be enabled, which I believe means that the grid for Race 2 and 3 will be a reverse of the results from the previous race. I have no way of testing this without actually running races, so we will see.

Race 1 of each week will begin at 8:30pm (Sydney time) and there will be a few minutes break between each race.

Car and non-Kunos tracks can be downloaded here (NOTE: there’s also a file in there called “fe_driver.kn5”. You’ll need to download that and put it in your assettocorsa\content\driver folder.)


Results and standings after Round 2

The Hall of Champions

2018 Alto Cup (WNR S4) – Bernhard R
2018 Bathurst 500 V8 Supercar / Mini Challenge Enduro – Alex C / Simon C (Team Beauty and the Beast)
2018 Aussie Muscle Car Championship (WNR S3) – Glenn B
2018 2.4 Hours of Le Mans – Bernhard R
2018 SuperGT Championship (WNR S2) – Glenn B
2017/18 Japanese Street Car Championship Season 2 (WNR S1) – Aaron K
2017 Simnights Championship – Vito G
2017 F1 Championship – AJ C
2017 Tour of Australia Championship – AJ C
2017 Tour of Australia Rally Championship – Bernhard R
2017 Bathurst 500 V8 Supercar Enduro – Bernhard R
2017 2.4 Hours of Le Mans – Bernhard R
2017 Japanese Street Car Championship Season 1 – Aaron K
2016/17 “1967” F1 Championship – Alex C
2016 Simnights Championship – Vito G
2016 Bathurst GT3 Enduro – Vito G

Important Info and links

Thought I’d make a header post to contain all of the ongoing useful information.

Stracker (stats) link:

Discord link:

Current season cars and tracks downloads:


note: Double points for Enduro and Super Enduro rounds


  • 10kg per car-to-car contact in excess of 12 across a racing round to be applied for the following round that the driver participates in.
  • In the round that the driver is carrying the penalty ballast, if the driver does not complete 75% of race laps (75% in both races if a Sprint round, 75% of the whole race if an Enduro), the ballast will carry over until the next round UNLESS the driver has accumulated a higher amount of ballast in that round.


    Basically the way it works is once the regular start lights go out, stay on the grid and the correct order will be called out for you to leave the grid (whether that is reverse grid from the previous race or whatever it may be for the season/event). Take off slowly and the pack should stay in single file and the lead driver needs to control the pace at around 100-120km/h and the field needs to stay bunched up. If the drivers toward the rear of the pack start to get left behind, they should advise the other drivers so the field can re-condense.

    From when the lead car goes through the last turn, they can go at race speed whenever they like, whether that is as soon as they exit the turn or they can wait until they cross the line, it is completely up to them. It is imperative that once they start going at race speed they do not back off as this is a dangerous action. No drivers are permitted to overtake OR GO OUT OF SINGLE FILE until they have crossed the start/finish line. So you cannot go up alongside another car with the hope that you will get to the line before you go past them. You don’t have to be directly behind the car in front, but you do have to be behind them.

    If anybody has questions or wants to discuss, feel free!


    After the successful use in our 2017 Bathurst race, from now on for any race classified as an “Enduro” (including Super Enduro or similar), we will have a chance of a “Virtual Safety Car” or VSC.

    • Chance of VSC deployment

    Races will be broken down into roughly 30 minute blocks. Every 30 minute block has a 15% chance of a VSC being deployed (with blocks shorter than 30 minutes having their chances diminished in proportion). The deployment will happen at a randomly selected time within that period, not including the first 5 minutes or last 5 minutes of a race.

    Calculations of these will be made by a 3rd party (probably my wife for online events; if no other 3rd party is available at the time then there will be no VSC, which will be announced before the race). Basically, I’ll have her work out if/when the VSC(s) will be deployed and have her set alarms in my phone (so I am equally unaware of how many and when they will be), and when they go off I will announce it over Discord.

    • What happens when a VSC is deployed?

    Once the announcement is made, NO OVERTAKING is allowed. The driver in first place must immediately yet safely slow to a speed limit of 100kmh. Cars behind must then make their way up behind the first place car and stay in order. Un-lapping like they do in Formula 1 is NOT allowed. At the end of the current lap once all cars are bunched up, a restart will take place EXACTLY as per the “Rolling Start Procedure” in the post above.

    Also NO pit stops can be made during the VSC deployment UNLESS you are absolutely desperate for fuel.

    Feel free to post any questions or make any suggestions!